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Friday, April 27, 2012

Seminar on Sport Psychology

Reflection- Seminar Sport Psychology
Date: 21st April 2012
Time: 8 am – 4pm
Venue: Conference room, CAC, IIUM
Organizer: Me and My friends

The seminar was conducted successfully by Sport Psychology Class. Many inputs were shared within one day of seminar on sport psychology. I was one of the organizer committee. Even though it was really busiest day, I still managed to grab some input and knowledge that I want to share here.
The first session was regarding to dietitian and nutrition. It was delivered by Madam Lee Ching Lee from International Medical University. It was quite exciting session. She managed to grab the audience’s attention and make the session living in the early morning. She shared 14 messages on the diet…..nk taw ape, PM me at my FB :-)

Second session was discussing about physiotherapy and it was delivered by Mr. Abraham. Much knowledge was discussed and shared in that session especially regarding to injury. Many athletes get involve in injuries and sometime it is really hard to recover. Here the role of support and motivation from the team plays important role. Group will be effective when there is good group structure, group dynamics and group cohesiveness. These characteristics are essential to a coach and a team that finally will provide good and positive outcome among members of the team. With that, the strong team that support and help each other will exist.

The third session was conducted in forum. The panelists that time were Mr. Chan Jun Shen and Mr. Harmi Taazim. Me? I was one of the moderators that time. It was my first time conducting a forum. However, what I want to share here is what the panelist shared. The topic was sport and motivation.  Mr. Chan was the first speaker. He is an Ironman and Triathlon athlete.  He shared his experienced in iron, how stressful the sport is and etc. The most interesting part is where he had triple time injured, and the most serious injury stops him from doing sport. Because of his passion towards sport, he overcomes it very hardly. Many challenges and hardship demotivate him. He said ‘usually I walk across the school field within 5-10 minutes but because of my injury, I only managed to cross it more than 30 minutes’. In Ironman also, he faced stressful situation where he blood vomit during the game. He really can’t handle it anymore. However, his team did support him to finish up till the end of the game. This is show the important of team in a sport.

Me and Faizah conducting Forum
 Same goes with Mr Harmi Taazim. He shared with us from the commentator view and perspective. The most interesting story is where the double team of badminton player dispute to each other because of a women. However, the coach that time managed to settle the problem and make them focus on the final Thomas Cup. Once again this story shows the important of the coach in managing a team and how effective a coach to a team.  As mentioned in the book, this coach managed to develop morale within the team. Morale here means feeling within each team members that is generated by a sense of caring and belonging that is communicated within the team. Morale may generate a motivation that may direct energy in either acceptable or unacceptable ways on the team. Sadly, the last session I could not participate because I had to accompany the speakers for the refreshment.

I share with you the experience during the seminar itself. What about before the seminar? How could my team managed to organize it? And how can I relate it with leadership effectiveness and decision making and also organizer as an effective group? Let’s begin with the first day of selection the committee.

The selection of the committee was conducted in syura. It is good because we suggest the candidate and vote the qualified one. As a result, Haire Kadari became Programme Manager and Nor Syafiqah as Assistant Programme Manager. And me? I was appointed as Head of Public Relation. My task was very “easy”. I had to call and invite all speakers, VIPs and VVIPs. Huhuhu.

As usual, the program had communication problems. For me, it was very stressful situation when someone did my job without my acknowledgement. At the end, me and my team who suffered enough.kuang2x. However, we managed to tackle the problems. Cooperation and understanding between my PR members was the key we managed get through all the problems. I tried to create sense of belonging among my team and the most important thing, I did “group binding” among us. For me, it is important to meet face to face to discuss and solve the problems together and it is known as group integration. We shared our opinion and conclude it. Making decision that been agreed among team members was essential. It leads to mutual understanding and everyone got clear picture of the each task. The quality of decision making should be at higher level in attaining overall goals and objectives of the group that should considered.

Besides that, I also assigned each members of PR to a specific job. Alhamdulillah, it helps me in handling my job. Thank God I got good colleague. They were like a professional worker which had more than 5 years’ experience. Supposedly I divide the task as early as I can and it was my mistake because take it too long. Leadership within the group is important to a team because it lets the members inside it acknowledge their role and they feel appreciated because they are given a trust to do the task.

On the other hand, feedback is also important in organizing an event. Without it, we don’t know the exact weakness and limitation that we are supposed to encounter before the big day. For example, I once asking my PR members regarding the attendance of VIP, however, they could not get the feedback as we planned because all the VIPs were busy and hardly to provide the accurate response. Sometimes, they changed their plan from not attending to attending. It makes our task become more difficult to confirm the exact total who attends for the seminar. In short, providing feedback is essential to committee because we can utilize the information and prepare what is supposed to be prepared.

Other than that, time constraint also became one of the challenges when we preparing for this event.  Because of it, most of us had to do critical decision to solve a problem. Limitation of the time make the movement of committee a little bit exhausted the day before of the programme. Many things had to be prepared within a limit time. And some of the jobs that were distributed could not be done. For example, sponsorship cannot find a company who willing to support our programme. According to procedure, the duration to get the sponsor from outside is 3-4month before the programme. However, our seminar on sport psychology was managed only within 2 month. 

The best part that I will never and ever regret is the experience. It is really hard to conduct a big event with 300 participants within 2 months. It takes a lot of effort to make it happened. Besides that, me myself also gain new experience in handling outsider and VVIP in terms of the procedure, the way we talk with them, what should we provide to them and etc. it is totally different with Taaruf Week that I became Head of PC. In addition, I also had a chance to know the whole members of the sport psychology class. In other sections, it is really hard to recognize people inside the class and sometimes I don’t realize that person is also in the same class with me. The most interesting part is, this seminar test us with how to cooperate, work together and communicate with 41 people inside the class that have different personality, different views, different experiences and different principles.

Last but not least, before I stop my reflection, I would like take this opportunity to say thank you to my colleague, PR, who did a great job back day, and make the seminar, happened successfully. I know that most of them busy with another assignment, homework and etc., but they managed to handle it very well. Well done PR!!! Finally, the one and only one, we called her as our mother…DR HARIYATI SHAHRIMA for giving us this experience…. 

 We Love Sport Psychology
Best regards,


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