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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rabbani @ KB Mall


Ptg td syah pi la Kb Mall..tujuannya nk pi amik jaket je..Tgh turun ke tingkat bwh,terdengar gema suara yg memang merdu,mendendangkan lagu Teman Sejati secara Acapella.Ape ag,cepat2la tarik tgn papa..nk pi tgk sape yg nyanyi..tp,Hampeh....tu lagu Outro..dah abis da..nwy,xpe..sempat gak beramah mesra ngan kumpulan Rabbani ni terutama Ust Asri.

Memang,diaowng sume ni peramah owngnya..xpernah lekang senyuman melayan kerenah peminat yg time tu ramai sgt kat Kb Mall.Nwy,Gudlak RABBANI


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

^ No Topik ^


11.20 am
Dlm bilik kat umah....

Wah...udah lama xberblogging nie..asyik bc yg org punya.Actually dah 2-3 ari i'm thinking what i gonna write in my blog.Well,dah pg ni boring tahap dewa,so,taip jela ape yg patut.huhu (^_^)
So,pagi ni bertemankan lagu Dafi & Gita Gutawa,syah nk citer cuti syah yg dah nk abis dah nie..

Actually,cuti ni xde yg best sgt pun.It's normal day for me.Wake up in early morning,go to Masjid,then continue my sleep.Sometimes i play my lappy..hik3.Well,ade la gak keja2 yg syah wak kat sini..Lke 1st week cuti ari tu,syah byk menghabiskan masa kat Kb,yela,settlekan keja sana sini.Then 2nd week lak,i went to KL.Kebetulan at that time,i had recording session with abg halim.Bley dikatakan seminggu gak la kat sana.

Then,i went to Penang with my father.It's for one day only..After that,i went to flora exhibition.Yela,sempena keputeraab Sultan kelantan.Saje jalan2..tgk2 pokok2 yg cantik..

after that,another week,i spend my whole time with my family.I become the driver for my papa.hik3.Haa..this is my last week here.So,byk la keja kena wak.Kena packing barang.Siapkan dokumen2 penting like Admission purpose,PTPTN and so on so forth.Smlm dah pi amik latest photo of mine.hik3.Chubby!!

Si Chubby

Furthermore,i'm gonna sit for MUET Exam this weekend.Pray for me key?This weekend?jadual syah memang ketat.Pagi sabtu exam muet,petang lak pi beli barang2 yg masih ag xbeli,n jumpa sanak sedara terutama MY GRANDMOTHER..Mlm lak for sure la kena habiskan masa bersama family.Sunday morning,i'm gonna leave.Maybe lam kul 6pm br sampai KL..maybe nk stay umah Kak ya sbb all my stuffs over there.n Planning ari isnin nk pi nilai.tp xtau ag nk ajak sape.koz i miss my friends so much..TUAN,ANDY,ANAS n sape2 yg masih ag kat sana.Ptg lak syah ade sesi penggambaran sekitar KL.finally,selasa,register kat Gombak..Nwy,tanxz to my friends who are helping me in sorting out all the problems about main camp like linda, han_krietz89 dan yang lain2..tanxz

Itula citer syah utk cuti ni & yg akan datang nie..
And for all my friends n visitors who vusut this blog,thanks so much.U guys dah menghidupkan blog ni wpun xde yg best sgt..Tanx u....

p/s:Nantikan kemunculan album 16mei ini....

(syah Segalanya Ada)

Monday, April 6, 2009

How To Be A Better Couple

10 steps to enjoying each other better...

1. Be realistic about each other.
Don't try to turn ur partner into something he or she is not. Let's face it, guys-there's only 1 Pamela Anderson in the world, and even she has had her implants removed! Give ur gal a break and understand that her physical appearance is NOT going to change overnite with the help of a few facials or treatments. And ladies, Brad Pitt has already been taken, so u're gonna have to do with what ur guy is like! Chill out, love each other for what u are.There is more to ur partner than what meets the eye.

2. Always talk things out.
Now guys, I know this is not ur fave pastime or mode of resolving issues, but u know what? This works with the gals. Don't make assumptions about each other's feelings. Learn to xpress urself better so that ur partner undrstands what u're angry about, or hurt about, or even happy about! When u stop talking to each other from the heart, it's the beginning of the end.

3. Do stuff together.
Make an effort to do things together. Do some sports or involve urselves in some shared activities; something both of u enjoy or are interested in.It could be as simple as watching movies together, or jus strolling hand-in-hand down Orchard Road. Watch soccer with him once in a while though the green patch on TV puts u to sleep in 3 seconds. And guys, do give in if ur gal asks for another day at window-shopping, rather than suggest that she go out with her girlfriends for "that sort of activities" instead. If u're spending more time with ur friends rather than with ur partner, it's a warning sign that u're drifting apart!!!

4. Meet each other halfway.
If he agrees to throw out that rotten T-shirt with the "The_Rock" print, u shouldn't kick up much of a fuss if he asks u to keep ur room tidy. There's gotta be a little giving and taking in a relationship, so learn to meet each other halfway.

5.Show ur love
Buy her flowers or candy or perfume everynow and then, even if u have been together for 5years. It's wonderful to continue showing someone that u care for him or her. Cook him a special meal, paint him a Valentine's Day card. Knit him mini-socks he can't wear ( like for decoration purposes ), buy him a packet of milk for breakfast, or pack his wardrobe for him...so he knows u can still be romantic and loving despite having been together for quite a while.

6. Respect each other.
Stop making jokes about her hair or skin, or whatever it is u love to laugh at. Ask urself if she thinks if its funny. And if he has an inferiority complex about his height, stop ogling at tall guys and make him feel worse! Love is about respecting each other's feelings and being sensitive to each other at all times.

7. Bury the past.
Stop bringing up the past. Gals..don't bring up the happy things about u and ur ex to ur guy, it would jus make him jealous or unhappy. And guys,don't talk about the happy times that u had with ur ex or mention about her in ur every other sentence as it would make ur gal feel un-happy and she might think that u saying all this b'cos u are gonna get back with ur ex or not interested in her anymore.

8. Sit on ur jealousy.
All of us go thru' spells of insecurity at the beginning of the relationship, but don't translate that insecurity into jealousy. If u're gonna go through ur partner's mail and cupboard, and eavesdropping on conversations, u know something is wrong - with u!!! Jealousy is like a poison that slowly spreads thru' the relationship before finally killing it. Trust ur partner; love has to have trust in it.

9. Keep ur commitments to each other.
If ur partner is standing u up all the time and cancelling dates and breaking promises, u need to talk! If u're in a relationship, make ur partner ur priority and don't disappoint them if u can help it. It's really terrible when someone promises to take u to dinner, and then calls to cancel it. Don't make promises u can't keep. If ur partner starts to feel that he/she is not important enough to u, u may just lose him/her.

10. Be honest.
Honesty is not scowling at how awful she looks first thing in the morning, or telling him that he has the biceps of a fly~! When we say "be honest", we mean expressing ur feelings clearly, not being bitingly cruel. When u're hurt, say so, and when u're angry, tell him/her, w/o getting hysterical. If u can't be honest with ur partner, who can u be honest with? æ Love is also about honesty, and a relationship where no honesty exists probably isn't worth it!